In 1987, when big hair and parachute pants were the benchmark in primary education social status and before “grunge” music marred the face of Rock N’ Roll music forever, Randy Eberle won a prize for a “book” he wrote (The Mystery of the Howling Cave: 20 pages, complete with God-awful illustrations and a laminated, construction-paper cover) for his third-grade creative writing class.  Ever since, Eberle’s passion for writing and telling stories has never left. Not long after, rummaging through a box of old paperbacks at his grandparents’ house, Randy Eberle discovered a battered copy of the movie-tie-in edition of Stephen King’s Firestarter.  It was then that he quickly realized exactly what kinds of stories he wanted to tell; his Hardy Boys and Three Investigators books became moldering stacks on a make-shift bookshelf, never to be touched again (over the next several years, Mr. Eberle had to hide his new reading habits from his parents, but that’s another story…). In the next three decades, Randy Eberle would go on to study all the masters of modern horror: Stephen King, John Saul, Clive Barker, Dean R. Koontz, Peter Straub, just to name a few.

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